Pay with Bitcoin / Altcoins:

Pay with Bitcoin


Monthly Plan ($29)

Quarterly Plan ($59)

Yearly Plan ($99)

Lifetime Plan ($199)


You Can Also Pay with Different Altcoins

(Ex. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and many more)

Follow The Simple Steps:

1: Click on "Pay with Altcoins" button.
2: Select your currency that you would like to "Pay with:"
3: Enter amount in BTC as per conversion rate at
> (If you want to subscribe on yearly plan then convert $99 to BTC)
4: Enter your email for receipt and Submit
5: Process the payment

** NOTE **

Once you'll get the receipt, you have to forward it on along with your "NAME" and "EMAIL". Your order will be processed in less than 24 hours after getting receipt from your side.

As it'll be the manual payment, so you have to do the same process again after expiration of your subscription. We'll recommend you to go with yearly or lifetime plan to keeps the hassle away from paying again n again.